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10 Selected Thermal Tales

Have you ever wondered why your single-line kite flies much higher than usual at times? This is due to patches of rising air that are slightly warmer than all the surrounding air. Glider pilots and experienced kite-fliers know these huge air-bubbles as 'thermals' or 'lift'. It's fun to deliberately take advantage of thermals by letting out line when the kite is in lift!

This PDF e-book is a collection of the 10 most interesting thermal tales I could find, involving the MBK Skewer kites. The text was drawn from all our blogs and flight reports from late 2007 all the way through to mid 2009. Picking up this eBook saves you trawling through all that!

The e-book can be read off a computer screen, but is easily printed off so it's more convenient to share around with other members of your family.

Have a read and get inspired to add some more fun to your next kite-flying outing!

Here's the titles from the Table of Contents to give you a taste for the kinds of flying experiences covered....

1-Skewer Sled Boosted In Gentle Thermals
Tiny 1-Skewer Dopero Frolics In Light Winds And Thermals
1-Skewer Delta Drifts Upwards In Evening Thermal
New 2-Skewer Sode Flirts With Legal Ceiling
2-Skewer Sled Sucked Up Under Cloud Street
2-Skewer Rokkaku - Thermaling Magic!
2-Skewer Roller Soars In Almost Nil-Wind Thermals
New 2-Skewer Dopero Buzzed By White Cockatoos
2-Skewer Dopero Rockets Overhead - At 400 Feet!
2-Skewer Barn Door Rides Blue Thermals

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PDF file info:

  • 19 pages of stories
  • 9 in-flight photos show all the mentioned types of Skewer kites
  • suits any computer that has a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader
  • file size is just over 390 Kb

Download Here...

Wishing you Good Winds!

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