Lady "Valkyrie"


Hello Tim. Just resurrected a "Valkyrie" that we had from the 70s. Several of the skewers are missing and I'm not sure about lengths. I assumed that the skewers for the leading edge spars would go the full length. However, after looking at your Delta kite plans, that may not be the case. The kite measures 48" along the leading edge; vertical length is 33"; width at the bottom is 70". Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Looking at an image of that original patent for this kite, it appears that the leading edge spars terminated about half-way between the nose of the kite and the attachment points (on each leading edge) for the spreader. That is, the rod which keeps the leading edges apart. This distance does not have to be precisely set, as long as both spars are identical, and the kite does not end up nose-heavy.

When dropped, the kite should float more-or-less vertically to the floor. If it takes off forwards like a paper plane, it's too nose-heavy.

It's very helpful if the leading edge spars are also matched as well as possible for weight and flexibility. The leading edge spars go all the way to the tips at the trailing edge of course.

Hope this spells it all out sufficiently :-) (Short of providing a figure in inches...)

Another thought - if you look very carefully at the leading edges of the sail, you might just spot some clues regarding the exact spot occupied by the upper tip of the original leading edge spars. A bit of wear and tear in the cloth, the stitching ... something?

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May 04, 2015
Scott's kite
by: Charles

Sorry about your Valkyrie. I had mine for 20 years before I lost it in Miami Beach. Since my name and phone number are on it I keep hoping someone will find it and call me but I doubt it.

You may be able to find another Valkyrie on eBay but I would recommend going to...

The Valhalla is based on the Valkryie. It is made in the USA of cloth & wood. I just flew mine for the first time in Central Park NYC & it really reminded me of my Valkyrie.

May 02, 2015
I'd like another Valkyie
by: Scott Weiner

Lost mine today. Horrors. Anyone with a Valkyrie for sale please email me at Thanks,


Del Mar, CA.

Feb 03, 2015
Sorry about your kite business
by: Charles


Sorry to hear about your business. If you ever decide to take up as a part time venture, please let me know.

Feb 03, 2015
by: Charles

What your kite is worth will in part depend on what shape it is in. I saw one on ebay for $100. No takers so far. Hard to say for sure but I would imagine your kite is worth about $80 give or take.

Feb 02, 2015
Out of business
by: Stephen

Sorry to report that Nantucket Kite works is no longer. I gave it my best but just not enough customers to sustain. Glad to see more of the original Kiteman kites being found and flown.

Feb 02, 2015
Vintage Valkyrie
by: Robert

Just found a Vintage Valkyrie mixed in with my Dad's collections, still in the plastic bag complete with instructions. Are these worth much? Just curious.

Jan 31, 2015
It's worth how much!
by: Willie

Flew it on gull lake Wednesday and by my meadow today. Guess I might have to be more careful with it. It's all original and looks as good as the day I bought it in the late '70's.

Dec 29, 2014
Stephen are you still in business?
by: Charles


I tried your website but it is no longer up. Are you still making Valkyrie Kites? If so, I would be interested in finding out more about them.


Dec 29, 2014
Stephen are you still in business?
by: CG


I tried your website but could not get on. Are you still in business?

I had a red Valkyrie for many years then lost it flying it in Miami Beach. Would be very interested in the kites you are making.


Jan 20, 2013
Valkarie Kite
by: Stephen

The center stay should be 32" long and the wing stays are 36". Stays were 3/16th diameter.

I build kites inspired by Al's original Kiteman kites. I've updated the stays to fiberglass and added ripstop keels but still use cotton fabric like the originals.You can see and purchase my kites @

Would love to see pictures of your Valkarie. You can also see pictures on my kites on my Facebook page Nantucket Kite Works. If you have any interest in trading for a new version of your kite I'd love to add another Kiteman to my collection.

May 19, 2012
Valkyrie Delta Query
by: Edward Fulmer

Thanks very much,Tim. I'll let you know when and if I have a successful flight.

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