Hyperkites - Rip Stop Nylon Tails

by Ray


My name is Ray Miller and I have been flying Hyperkites for over 25 years. I used to get Hyper Tails from "Randy Tom" and now I can't find him or the tails.

Do you know where I can purchase Hyper Tails, 3/4 Oz Ripstop 1" wide by approx 30-40 ft in length for an assortment of colors?

I have hundreds of kites and I need assistance if you can help.

Thanks :-)


The place to go, online anyway, is kitebuilder.com

Check out this link, which lists rolls of 1 inch, 3/4 ounce nylon ripstop in a variety of bright colors...


You will have to cut the tails to length, but I think you will find the price to be well worth it.

It does seem that "Randy Tom", the designer of the original Hyperkites has long been out of business. It also seems that there are plenty of Hyperkites enthusiasts still fly stacks of 12 or more of these classic and easy-to-fly stunt kites!

If you have been looking on the Web, I guess you have already come across the YouTube video of a 30-kite stack being flown at Fort Collins...


Impressive! And that was not long ago, in April 2011. Uhhhmmmm... that's not you is it? ;-)

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May 03, 2019
Too late
by: Anonymous

I moved 2 years ago and I finally threw mine out. I asked and apparently no one saw my posts. I had original prototypes.

May 02, 2019
2017 hyperkites (wood frame)
by: Paul

Okay I am an old hyperkite flyer from the 70's and 80's. Does anyone have any wood framed Hyperkites for sale? Can have broken frame or torn sail.


Aug 23, 2018
Hyper tails
by: Wes

Place to get hyper tails is Kites Unlimited, in Atlantic Beach, NC. One of the original makers of the hyper kites. I've flown 20 stack kites with the Sundowners in 98 and 99 at Atlantic Beach kite festival.

Mar 16, 2017
by: Eric

Just found this site. I was stationed in San Diego in 1983. Randy taught me to fly on a 25 kite stack on Fiesta Island. It was very cool to learn from them and now my grandchildren fly also.

Mar 15, 2017
Pink / Black fiberglass 12 stack
by: Chris


I have a Pink / Black alternating fiberglass 12 attack Rndy made for me. It also has the case. To my knowledge, this is the only set ever made in this color and materials configuration. I would consider selling to another enthusiast.

I also have a pastel 5 stack wood.

I also have a 3 stack of progressively larger hyperkites. Front is standard size, next is "truck" size, next is larger. This 3 stack lulls like a 12 stack.

All of these sets were made for me by Randy Tom to my desired specificatons.

Serious inquiries only. San Diego area. Deal in person only. cpcioffi16@gmail.com

Apr 25, 2016
New E-mail
by: Les Miller

Still looking to purchase Hyper-Kites and or tails for same.

New E-mail address:

May 18, 2015
Hyper Kite
by: Anonymous

Any one looking to Sell Hyper kites please contact me at les.miller@centurum.com. I am located in Riverside County, CA, USA.

Dec 25, 2014
Flame Hyperkites Stack for Sale
by: Thomas

I have a barely flown 12 stack of Flame Hyperkites that I want to sell. Anybody interested - email me at Whiffenspit@Gmail.com.

Jun 22, 2014
12 Stack Flames
by: Jason

I flew at Seaport and Mariners Point with members of Team Hyperkite when I was a boy. I had a 12 stack of flames that Randy made and they were stolen. I am currently trying to track down someone who is willing to sell an old or duplicate set.

Apr 19, 2014
Rick Bell of Hyperkites
by: Michael

I worked for Hyperkites in San Diego in the early 80's. I haven't seen or heard from Richard Bell since then. Does anyone know where or how he is?


Feb 10, 2014
Hyperkite Star Fighter
by: Terry

Hi: I just bought a nos hyperkite star fighter. It has instructions with it but not how to rig it. If anyone knows how they are rigged I would appreciate the info. My email is GTP2@live.com

Mar 29, 2013
by: Les

I also use to fly proto type kites for Richard Bell before Randy took over and also flew with the Elite Flight team sponsered by Randy back in the Day.

Can you please send photos of these Hyperkites to me at les.miller@centurum.com.

Sep 02, 2012
Prototype Hyperkites
by: Mark

Anyone interested to buy the second prototype 12 stack that has been around the world and flown onboard the ship I was stationed on in 1981 - 1985?

I got them from the guys at Hyperkites and I even have original order forms and brochures from then.

I also have a prototype of the first Avengers. Made by Carol Hamilton and friends. She was the owner of the kite shop at Seaport Village in San Diego at the time.

Also have a few types of lines, Kevlar and regular white (can't remember the fiber).
I was featured on the weather report there one time flying my 12 stack which is black and white. Ya, I was a rebel kiter. Ha.

Anyway, if anyone is interested let me know.

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