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My Kite Experience
by: MARY

I have gotten 5 kites up in the air on Cape Canaveral beach, I am wanting to add more to the collection! Gotta love flyin!

Cheap Anchors
by: Jim Little

Joe, nice job, the pic looks great. You and another made a comment about anchors. I use the $1.00 cloth Wal-Mart bags. I put sand or rocks in them. They are very strong. Then I use a carabiner to connect the line to the bag handles. For hard tugging kites, more bags can be used. Keep'em flying Joe.

Only Five Kites - But Cheated
by: Tom

One Man, Good job! I have done five but I cheated. (All Deltas) The problem for me is having enough anchors and kites. I only own 8 kites and have only been flying for 6 months now so we'll see. The challenge is ON! Keep it up OR Them up. Can anyone do 10?

Great Shot
by: Tim Parish

Nice composition Joe, with that eye-catching building on the right. All those kites must have a reasonable wind range for them to all stay up at one time. Such variety - I can imagine you giving other beach-goers a kite-type education on that day!

I've had the 3 MBK Sled designs up at once, but now I'm inspired to try and do better...

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