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My Kite Experience
by: MARY

I have gotten 5 kites up in the air on Cape Canaveral beach, I am wanting to add more to the collection! Gotta love flyin!

Cheap Anchors
by: Jim Little

Joe, nice job, the pic looks great. You and another made a comment about anchors. I use the $1.00 cloth Wal-Mart bags. I put sand or rocks in them. They are very strong. Then I use a carabiner to connect the line to the bag handles. For hard tugging kites, more bags can be used. Keep'em flying Joe.

Only Five Kites - But Cheated
by: Tom

One Man, Good job! I have done five but I cheated. (All Deltas) The problem for me is having enough anchors and kites. I only own 8 kites and have only been flying for 6 months now so we'll see. The challenge is ON! Keep it up OR Them up. Can anyone do 10?

Great Shot
by: Tim Parish

Nice composition Joe, with that eye-catching building on the right. All those kites must have a reasonable wind range for them to all stay up at one time. Such variety - I can imagine you giving other beach-goers a kite-type education on that day!

I've had the 3 MBK Sled designs up at once, but now I'm inspired to try and do better...

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"Love the easy to understand step by step instructions, made from next to nothing materials and above all so much fun to fly... cheers Tim for sharing your well thought out pdf kite designs with the whole world.

Very satisfying making your own and watching them get air-born for the first time."


"I decided to run kite making as an elective again on this camp in the past week - so I bought all your e-books, a bunch of materials, and then took a group of 10 high school students through making the kites over 4 days. We built a diamond, a Barn Door, a Delta, and two skew delta kites. Again - every single kite flew."


"I've just bought your super e-book and spent most of last night pouring through all the great stuff in it!

Very detailed and USEFUL information - thanks for such a great book."


"30+ years ago, I tried making a kite using the 'instructions' in a free kite-safety booklet. What a disappointment for a young boy.

 Your instructions and methods are wonderful. You help the builder to focus on accuracy, without making it hard. Also, you use materials that are durable, yet cheap!"


"omg i made a kite from this site and i fly it ....... booom i didnt expect this bc in the other sites instuction are trash

thank you"

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Gentle breeze
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Moderate breeze
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Fresh breeze
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High Wind
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