E-book Testimonials

You'll find these testimonials scattered through this site on the relevant sales pages. But here they all are in one spot, un-edited, for your convenience...


A testimonial...

"30+ years ago, I tried making a kite using the 'instructions' in a free kite-safety booklet. What a disappointment for a young boy.

 Your instructions and methods are wonderful. You help the builder to focus on accuracy, without making it hard. Also, you use materials that are durable, yet cheap!"

- David D. (CA, USA)

In education? More testimonials...

"My wife is a retired science teacher and last year she and I were writing a large STEM science unit on Kites. It was intended as a multi-session series of STEM activities, culminating in a kite build. After being frustrated with the incomplete information available on other kite sites, I found My Best Kite and purchased your big kite bundle. What a fantastic resource. It was extremely helpful as we worked out our ideas. ... "

- Dave S. (OH, USA}

"I’m a teacher and am finishing out the school year as distance education. ...

I did a build video for the kids leading them through the process of building the 1 Skewer Sode (Yes, I probably should have done the Diamond or Sled, but the Sode is such a pretty kite.). ...

I also put links to your site and let the kids know that I thought your books were excellent. I have many kite making books, and I rate yours highly."

- Andrew L. (AK, USA)

"I regularly help run a technology camp for primary and high school students at Toogoolawah in QLD. I built around 30 skewer diamond kites with the 30 primary students there - every kite made, flew! The kids were ecstatic. I decided to run kite making as an elective again on this camp in the past week - so I bought all your e-books, a bunch of materials, and then took a group of 10 high school students through making the kites over 4 days. We built a diamond, a Barn Door, a Delta, and two skew delta kites. Again - every single kite flew. The Barn Door was most reliable - we sent it up on ~275m of line - we reckon it went up at least 100m.

I structured the time as a "team building activity" (even though the kids didn't know!) - I provided them my computer with the e books, the materials, and some guidance and set them free to create! They loved it, and not only did they love building and then flying the kites - they also learned a ton about how to work together. Not only them, but around 40 other people on camp learnt how therapeutic it is to fly kites :)

So, in summary - thank you for your well kept online resources, as well as the excellent resources and experience you provide in your e-books - it's provided great joy to me, as well as around 60 kids."

- John B. (QLD, Australia)

Two more...

"I've just bought your super e-book and spent most of last night pouring through all the great stuff in it! Very detailed and USEFUL information - thanks for such a great book."

"omg i made a kite from this site and i fly it ....... booom i didnt expect this bc in the other sites instuction are trash thank you"


"Book looks great and just what I (and my Grandson) wanted."
- Bruce H. (UK)

"I made the Rokkaku, and the Diamond dowel kites. Both flew wonderfully. I also enjoyed making the Prusik knots - fantastic ebook! The ebook is very well written and worth the money."
Jim M. (PA, USA)

"I bought your e-book about building kites with dowels, I find it very accurate and pedagogic, thank you for putting all this together. From you book, I have built the delta, the Eddy, the roller and the multi dowel sled, all flying very good."
- Bruno P. (Peru)

"I attempted to make my own kite ... and failed miserably. I made a quick and dirty version of the MBK Dowel Diamond kite and was absolutely amazed at how easily it took off in even the slightest breeze. ... Thanks so much for the help!"
- Ben K. (KY, USA)

"I enjoy the site very much, and we love the Dowel Barn Door! ... It flew beautifully all of last summer."
- Larry S. (CO, USA)

"Suddenly the Sode rises straight up and it is flying like a dream. My 50 meter flight line did just rush through my fingers and let the kite fly at good 80-90 degrees. ... Finally I got the winder under control and could see how the kite just soared above me. MMM… pure joy!"
- Johan (Sweden)

"I just wanted to let you know about my experience flying my very own and first MBK Delta ... Many thanks for the detailed instructions. I'm not sure why I started making kites this year, but so far it's been very enjoyable. If I end up spending all my free time building kites, it's probably your fault."
- Eric L. (Japan)

"(2-Skewer Delta) This is is my second MBK kite - the first was a 2 skewer diamond. ... it flew extremely well in winds ranging from nothing to about 3 kph, almost overflying on several occasions. ... All in all, a great light wind kite. It's just a pity sunset ended the session!"
- Trevor (WA, Australia)

"(2-Skewer Rokkaku) ... What a brilliant little kite! It went up with ease in 3 to 5 km/hr breeze, and stayed there, then flew for hours as the wind meter gradually built up to an average 10 kph. Came back down into my hand after hitting 400 feet effortlessly and hanging there seemingly motionless."
- Peter (NSW, Australia)

"(2-Skewer Dopero) ... Once again a few wobbles, then at about 15 feet, in cleaner air, up it shot. All the line was out in what felt like half a second and was probably closer to 20, with the kite pulling strongly and evenly, then with all the line out it climbed almost straight overhead. ... Thanks, Tim, for another great kite."
- Trevor (WA, Australia)

"(2-Skewer Roller) Grand-kids and I had a lot of fun building this Roller. ... Did it fly? Why of course we have not had any of the kites that I built from this site not fly. Thanks to Tim for such good plans. And the amount of work that he must do to keep it all updated."
- Ron (AK, USA)

"(1-Skewer Sled) My wife and I are Leaders for our local scout group. ... I found 'My Best Kite' and picked the Sled kite. It was very easy to make, all our cubs managed it in less than an hour. ... Every single Sled kite flew perfect first time and the kids really enjoyed it!"
- James (England)

"(1-Skewer Diamond) This kite flew quite well. As you can gather from the name, it was easy to make. I would recommend the 1-Skewer Diamond to any person who doesn't have experience with kite making."
- Sara (TX, USA)

"(1-Skewer Delta) I found MBK and decided to make the 1-Skewer Delta. I used 3 very thin skewers ... and really thin garbage bags. ... Turns out, all I had to do was a really light walk, the Delta kite flew up into the air right above me where it managed to find it's own breeze. Had a blast!"
- Chris (QLD, Australia)