Carbon Kite Spars?

by Phil
(Sumter, SC , USA)


Two questions really:

1. What is the cheapest (most reasonable $$) source of carbon kite spars in USA?

2. For larger kites, is it really better in the short/long run to use wound carbon rather than pultruded spars?


1. If you bought a reasonable quantity, to reduce the impact of shipping cost per spar, seem to be very competitive on price for a whole range of kite supplies. Here's a link to their graphite spars page...

Depending on who you know or where you go, it might be possible to get some spars a little cheaper elsewhere. However, specializes in kite supplies and as far as I can tell, they try pretty hard to be the cheapest.

I was certainly happy with the 200 pound Dacron line I bought from them last year, for much less than I was expecting to pay. It arrived very late unfortunately, due to an oversight at their end, but I'm sure that doesn't happen often.

2. Since I personally specialize in making kites from the cheapest possible materials, I simply can't answer this question. The sub-forum link below might get you in contact with builders who have plenty of experience in this area...

In addition, there is some useful information on graphite spars at the following online hobby materials specialist,

Contact info is on the web page banner. Someone there is sure to have an expert opinion on your question of wound vs pultruded kite spars.

You might also want to check prices here for spar materials to compare with kitebuilder.

Hope this helps!

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Feb 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

You are correct. Steve ( does a good job carrying a large selection of kite parts, and he has reasonable prices. For ripstop, he's the only place I order from.

Unfortunately, your experience with late/incorrect parts being shipped *isn't* a rare occurrence. *If* you can get Steve to focus on your order, you might get it timely, but the chances of getting everything you ordered correct is slim to none. While he has always made it good for me, that doesn't help when I'm in bind needing something fast and it either doesn't make it or the wrong parts show up. I've seen this happen more than once for large orders for workshops as well.

Yes, I know he has had personal family issues. But, either he wants to be in business, or he doesn't. Even before those issues, it was really bad.

Just be aware that if you use kite builder, you better have some lead time before you need the finished product. He'll eventually get you the correct parts, but it will take a long time.

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