Can You Donate A Kite Book?

by Michele Darmanin
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

The children of Viwa Island District School, Fiji

The children of Viwa Island District School, Fiji


Would you consider donating one of your amazing books or whatever you feel comfortable with so it can go towards the new library we are creating for the 66 children who live on the tiny remote island in Fiji?

... I was searching on the Internet for how to make any easy kite for the primary school children who live on Viwa Island in Fiji. My reason for writing is also connected with our project we have started on behalf of the children of Viwa Island District School.

I believe your book would be an excellent resource for the children to be creative and let their imagination fly.

We would love to be able to help the children make their first kites on Viwa island, Fiji.

My husband and I began this project on 07 Feb 2012.

We are not involved with any charity or non-profit organisation.

The plain simple truth is, I am a wife, a mother of two and currently unemployed.

How did this project begin?

My husband and I travelled to Viwa Island in November 2011 for the first time.

When we returned home from Sydney we organised two boxes of books to be sent to the school children of Viwa island as they have very little of anything and even less quality reading books at their tiny island school library.

The teachers and students were delighted with the 130 second-hand books we provided them.

From a small idea of wanting to sincerely help the school children of Viwa Island in Fiji, I began contacting authors, publishing companies etc to ask if they would like to donate a book to our very worthwhile project for the children who live on a remote isolated island four hours from the mainland of Fiji.

I would greatly appreciate any contribution from you, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via the details below. (removed for privacy reasons - T.P.)

I thank you in advance for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

PS.... we have received support from Virgin Australia, they will be flying 100% of donations to Fiji on 16 May 2012.


I'm happy to help out with a book. These are not physical books however, so the PDF file I am mailing to you will need to be printed off and bound.

An excellent method for quickly producing a durable paperback book from A4 printouts can be found here. The required Gorilla Glue (don't use anything else!) is available in Australia now. Apparently from many independent hardware stores.

Perhaps someone from Sydney could help out here, with the printing and gluing? Contact me and I will get you in touch with Michelle.


The beauty of the Skewer book is that the kite-making materials are truly 'dirt cheap'!

Here's a suggested list of materials for your May mailing to Fiji. These should ensure there is at least one kite for every child...

  • 2 packets of 100 bamboo BBQ skewers (30cm)

  • 5 sticky tape dispensers (cheapest will do)

  • 4 packages of the cheapest garden bags (40 individual bags altogether)

  • 30 rolls of polyester sewing cotton for lines and bridles.

Perhaps a local supermarket could donate these items? That would be ideal.

Pieces of wood or heavy cardboard on the island should suffice for line winders.

Hope this is a help...

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Feb 03, 2013
Donate To Help A Child
by: Anonymous

Being human beings, it is our avocation to deal with the previously mentioned who are not favored with the chances, health or riches that we have been favored with. It is considering this that we have chosen to give 10 percent of our benefits to Make a Wish Foundation this whole year.

Donate to Help a Child

Aug 29, 2012
by: Michele Darmanin

Dear Tim,

Thank you sincerely for providing a copy of your wonderful kite book for the school children of Viwa Island, Fiji.

I went to our local Officeworks had it printed and bound. It was a big impressive book all about kites.

We did it!

There were 25 boxes (370 kgs) of donated books and educational materials safely delivered to the school children of Viwa Island, Fiji on 10 August 2012.

With warm gratitude and kind regards
Michele Darmanin
(Project Co-ordinator of Donate A Book to the school children of Viwa Island, Fiji)
Sydney Australia

PS... I will be providing more information and photos on the facebook page at:

May 19, 2012
Sincere Thanks
by: Michele Darmanin, Sydney Australia

I would like to put together a thank you and acknowledgment list of all those who have kindly supported and/or donated to our wonderful project helping the school children of Viwa Island in Fiji.

I will be attempting to write to every person and those companies involved to request your permission to add your name to the list of supporters that will be possibly be appearing in the 'Manly Daily Newspaper' that covers the whole of the Northern Beaches from Manly to Palm Beach.

It may not be important for you to receive any acknowledgment but this is important to me especially as so many generous people have made this project a success.

If you have any concerns with your names appearing on my thank you list including a small photo, then please send me an email to let me know asap.

If you haven't seen them yet, please enjoy viewing the photos I have added on my Facebook page to give you a small visual surprise of some of the many beautiful books donated for the school children of Viwa Island.

You may even be lucky to see your own book that you have kindly contributed whether it is a new or second hand book everyone of them have been received with genuine gratitude for the children.

As I have mentioned previously we have received new and second hand books from many Australian Authors, Australian Publishing Companies, Individuals, School Teachers, School Children and also including those who have kindly sent their wonderful books from the USA and the UK.

If you would like to email me a letter to share with the school children of Viwa Island, please email it to me asap.

I would be more than happy to make sure your letter is shared with the teachers and all the school children on Viwa Island in Fiji.

Just a suggestion, you may wish to share information about your book, or where you live or a brief message saying hello to the children.

I feel it is important that they children know that it is about the incredible variety of books being donated but also importantly that we all care about their opportunity to improve their English, reading and writing that will only continue to help them when they continue their education into High School or future careers.

So if anyone would like to send me a brief message to the children of Viwa Island I will sincerely make sure they get to enjoy your messages of positive encouragement.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call send me an email before the end of July.

With kindest regards,
Michele Darmanin
Co-ordinator of Project - Donate A Book for the School Children of Viwa Island, Fiji.

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