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Valid from August 2007, to date.

Affiliate Products

Kites are a lot of fun and Amazon has a huge range on offer! Although my personal experience is mostly with designing, constructing and flying home-made kites from cheap materials, I get to fly with others on a regular basis. In the process I see and interact with plenty of retail kites of all kinds. Kids' kites, bigger single-liners, sport kites, you name it. I do own and fly a couple of commercially  available kites - an Eagle single-liner and a Peter Powell Sky Master stunt kite. 

When selecting a Amazon product to recommend, I peruse the specs, check out the photos and most importantly, review the reviews. From all this, a picture emerges of whether the kite is worth the money. In other words - would I buy it myself?

No Extra Charge!

If you click through to Amazon and purchase a kite or kite-related item, we may receive a small commission for the sale. Being an affiliate sale, there is no extra charge to you at all.


Just 1 or 2 glowing reviews for a product is a bit suspicious isn't it :-)  So those products are avoided. A whole bunch of mediocre or bad reviews for a particular product is another bad signal. Those products won't be recommended either. But...

Half a dozen good or reasonable reviews with 1 or 2 negative reviews, for example, is definitely worth a look. If I conclude that the bad reviews were simply due to carelessness or unsuitable flying weather, then I might well recommend the product to you.

Statement: About Amazon Products

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- Tim P.