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Up until recently, the weather has been great around here in Adelaide, South Australia. Which brings me to the 'Festivals' part of the title to this email...

We attended the Adelaide International Kite Festival earlier this month, up at Semaphore Beach. Plenty of large single-liners and stunt kites, both sparred and soft. I never seen so many lolly (candy) drops or Parachuting Teddy drops during one such event - but the kids certainly didn't mind!

As for our own kite flying, the highlights have probably been a number of flights over our own roof. Not by standing on the roof, I might add! More on that later on...

The new software tools are still being rolled out to other SBI site owners, and my turn should be within a week or 2 now. All the same, you might still notice a few small changes in the left and right columns of the site. But this has little to do with flying kites, so, moving right along...

Tim P.

"Every new kite is an adventure!"


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Table of Contents

  1. Visitor Contribution Of The Month
  2. Flight Report Of The Month
  3. MBK Kite Making News

Visitor Contribution Of The Month

Again, the majority of the contributions this month were actually questions, via the 'ask Tim' link on the site. However, early in the month, a lady from Canada posted an interesting discussion of Bermuda kite making, with a little history as well. It was easily the best visitor submission!

Read Mary's article on Kite Making In Bermuda and feel a little more kite-educated as a result.

Flight Report Of The Month

I had a most enjoyable flight with the Dowel Delta in light and fairly smooth wind conditions. Very late in the day, and with the kite poised right over our house roof! You have to be careful doing this, but if the kite is big and stable, and the airflow light enough, the risks are actually quite low and it's definitely a buzz!

Here's the short-form Flight Report for this outing (!) all the way to our side lawn...

Dowel Delta Floats Over The Neighborhood

"Hey, this sunset flying in the backyard idea is really working out...

Today it was the Dowel Delta, which is reliable in very light winds. After numerous attempts to get it above rooftop height, it finally got helped along by a gentle gust that was perhaps 2kph stronger than the others. It's not easy when you've got about 6 paces to run in, and the breeze is so light it can hardly move a leaf.

Anyway, there it was, not shifting left or right by more than a few meters at a time. On letting out even more line I discovered a sharp little wind gradient at about 2 - 3 times the height of our rooftop. Perhaps another 2 or 3kph of wind speed, all of a sudden. The kite dipped below and climbed above this level several times, so the effect became pretty clear. Sometimes, below this level, a few firm pull-ins were required to contact the faster air again, where the size-able pale-orange Delta would just maintain height by itself.

A slightly windier period came through for a few minutes, so I pulled the kite down much closer to the roof, just in case. Don't want the kite to loop over and end up over the neighbor's fence.

After this, the breeze progressively died off as the sun sank to the horizon. But not before the Dowel Delta had gone right out to 30 meters (100 feet) or so of line. Gentle gusts sent it surging almost overhead, directly over our roof.

Eventually all breeze ceased and the Dowel Delta kite came down helicopter fashion - vertically - as I maintained a little tension in the line. Fantastic flight, although not so relaxing since I had to be absolutely sure to keep it out of trouble!"

MBK Kite-Making News

2-Skewer Diamond MkII

Remember how I cut a hole - a long slot actually - in the 2-Skewer Diamond sail?

After several flights, it was decided to revert to more the conventional trimming method of fixing a small piece of sail plastic to one wing tip. I think the hole was working, but not enough really, even after being extended a little. A horizontal slot probably would have worked better, but even so - who really wants to cut a gaping hole in one side of a kite sail?

The only kite making activity this month has been taping up that hole and taping on a short tail-let to one wing tip of the 2-Skewer Diamond kite. But some fresh new kite designs are coming...

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