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Despite cutting back to posting one new page every 3 days on average, there was still more writing than flying this month. However, the little 1-Skewer Roller has had a few outings. Firstly to test it and thus complete the How To page for it, and later to get a really decent flight out of it for a full flight report. Can't have gaps in the Kite Flying Stories section of the site can we! Also, we took it for a few flights at the kite festival recently...

Last Saturday was a biggie for local kite-fliers - the start of the Adelaide International Kite Festival at Semaphore Beach. Of course, we turned up and started pouring many MegaBytes of imagery onto our camera's memory card! If you followed that link you'll see what I mean...

Now, regarding visitor contributions to the site... The new Ask Tim section is attracting the occasional query. Only managed to embarrass myself once, when a couple of regulars here jumped in with comments that were more helpful than my own flawed answer :-) Live and learn. In addition to these, there have been a few contributions from people making kites from the MBK Dowel Series. Thanks again for those stories, guys!

Next month should see the little 1-Skewer Dopero design get its re-vamp, thus completing the overhaul of the 1-Skewer Series. Some of the 2-Skewer kites will eventually get a re-design too. Eventually.

Tim P.

"Every new kite is an adventure!"

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Table of Contents

  1. Visitor Contribution Of The Month
  2. Kite Flying Report Of The Month
  3. MBK Kite Making News
  4. The KAP Kite Project

Visitor Contribution Of The Month

This month, the best contribution for highlighting here would have to be the one from Johan, in Sweden. He made himself an MBK Dowel Sode, and initially had troubles getting it to fly.

However, after some persistence, Johan got the bridle adjustment spot-on and went on to enjoy a fantastic high flight with the big Japanese-inspired kite. So, read all about My New Sode Kite and its antics on a long line!

This is one of the most fun kites to fly, in the Dowel Series.

Kite Flying Report Of The Month

About all we flew this month was the 1-Skewer Roller, which does well on about 30 meters (100 feet) of line - but not too much more! Armed as usual with wind speed meter and digital camera, I went out to a local reserve and got as much flying as I could out of the little Roller.

Here's the full flight report, which fills a gap that existed on my Kite Flying Stories page.

Small kites can be challenging to trim perfectly, but still provide plenty of enjoyment when weather conditions are ideal!

MBK Kite-Making News

1-Skewer Roller Kite

I didn't realize what a good shot my wife had taken, before I cropped down the photo and saw how it had a number of large Festival kites in the background! Funnily enough, the big kites are just far enough away to appear about the same size as the tiny Roller.

The 1-Skewer Roller was quite straight-forward to make, although I had to completely re-write the instructions to bring them into line with my current way of doing things. The vertical spar has been extended to give the design significantly more sail area. This is helpful when some poor sucker uses skewers that are much heavier than the average. Such things can make a lot of difference on such a small kite! Packets of skewers that have the same length can actually vary quite a bit in skewer diameter and hence weight.

The join that is required to extend the length of the kite also serves to shift the balance point back a little. This improves the kite's stability, particularly at low line angles.

The template now calls for flaps in the sail outline, to fold over the lower horizontal spar before being secured with tape. Much neater than trying to butt-join the edge of the sail to the skewer! Here's the resulting page on How To Make A Roller Kite. The video down the bottom shows the kite wiggling and swaying in a light breeze. Almost too light in fact.

The KAP Kite Project

KAP Diamond

This has stalled for the time being, but I have decided to keep this section in place. That's because something along these lines is going to happen sooner or later. Perhaps with a series of box kites, instead of the ideas published so far. Perhaps involving a new website. Time and money are limiting factors.

To visit The KAP Kite Project page to see exactly where things are at, you will need the password 'mbkkapkites'. Without the quotes of course. If you use the FireFox browser, it's an easy matter to just let it remember the password for the page.

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