"Simplest Dowel Kites"

Making 3 Super-Quick Designs!

It's hard not to notice that this website sells kite-making e-books. But what are they like? Find out by having a look at this free one.

This e-book provides step-by-step instructions for making three very simple but highly effective light-wind kite designs.

Once you have the very basic materials together, you can be ready to fly in minutes!

For flying line, the best results will be obtained with 20-pound Nylon or Dacron line from a kite-shop. Otherwise, cheap acrylic knitting yarn from your local shops or supermarkets will get your kite in the air.

Here's some comments from readers...

"Thanks for the VERY nice instruction book - your Simplest Dowel Kites PDF. Really clear and easy to follow. My wife and I have a Cub Scout pack and we've been looking for something to have them build. I think they'll love this!"
- Andy P. (NY, USA)

"I've now got your free E-book. I'm very pleased with it. Kites of all kind interest me. I always making kites of plastic and dowels."
- Johannes O. (Denmark)

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