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"Flying Dowels And Plastic"

This free kites newsletter arrives in your email near the end of every month. It's a fun publication that's mainly for single-line fliers and builders. Is that you?

When you sign up, you also get a substantial 95-page e-book which will fill in your knowledge of some popular kite categories. Of the single-line and multi-line variety! Details further down...

Currently, in addition to a short editorial, each mail-out features:

  • Reports on something new and usually big being built here at MBK. Often this is a re-working of an existing design, as I spot ways to improve it.
  • An aerial photo taken during the month. I am constantly trying out and reporting on new Kite Aerial Photography ideas. A fascinating area of the hobby!
  • Some comments about a particularly enjoyable kite flight of mine during the month. Sometimes this will include a link to a full-length flight report on the MBK website. This page almost always includes some video footage and a close-up in-flight photo.
  • Some comments on a visitor's contribution to the site, plus a link to the actual article they submitted. Sometimes the visitor leaves several photos as well.

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About The Free E-book...

 "What Kite Is That?"

This free 95-page e-book is full of interesting background information on Stunt, Power, Box and Asian kites. It's just a quick 2.5Mb download.

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The comprehensive and clickable Table of Contents makes it easy to find and go straight to any topic of interest.

There are plenty of illustrative photos of modern kites, and historical topics are not forgotten either.

When your subscription is confirmed, it's easy to download the e-book via the supplied link. Enjoy! Here's what one satisfied subscriber had to say...

"I just downloaded your 'What kite is that' pdf file and skimmed through it. Very nicely put together! I look forward to reading your newsletters as they come."

- Robert P. (Canada)

Whether you are a first-timer, or you have been buying / building / flying for years, I'm sure you will enjoy being kept up to date with all the latest kite making and single-liner action here at My Best Kite!

The kites are getting bigger these days too, with the focus moving away from 'small kites and small kids'. Mind you, our larger designs would still be excellent for father/son or mother/daughter projects involving teenagers.

All in all, there is plenty of inspiration to build something and / or get out and do some flying! Since it started several years ago, this kites  newsletter hasn't missed an issue.

An Alternative To Email...

There is another way to stay in touch, if you're not so keen on receiving emails. Or giving your email address away...

Start interacting with the My Best Kite Facebook Page of course! A page 'Like' would be appreciated too.

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