Kite Winders

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Even for a DIY enthusiast, it's sometimes convenient to get winders and other bits and pieces from an online store. Of course, two huge online shopping sites come to mind immediately, and they feature below.

Find more by searching...

You can type anything you like into the Search box at both Amazon and eBay, but the following phrases are particularly useful for items related to flying lines...

  • kite winder
  • kite reel
  • kite string

Try them and see!


Their pre-wound flying line on simple stake winders are a popular item. Like the Stake Line Winder, 50 lb. x 500 ft. that you have probably seen online already. That's 500 feet of nylon line with a breaking strain of 50 pounds.


Check out the and other items that come up on eBay. Plenty of new reels, both with and without flying line are available. If you are in the USA, Australia, Canada or the U.K. you will end up on your local eBay site.

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Actually, any online-shopping link you find on this website will do. Search for whatever you or your business needs.

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