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Try Your Skill With 'Wild Kite'!

A free kite game to play online? Yes, here's one that really challenges your skill at flying stunt kites! The online Help of Wild Kite is quite complete, if you want a few more clues before you try it.

The game really tests judgment and reaction time, since several factors affect the kite's motion. Quite some effort has been put into programming the kite's motion. Hence the visuals are very smooth and satisfyingly realistic.

Even a varying wind speed has been included, just to make things harder!

After some time, it became clear that the simulation isn't perfect. For example, at times the kite can rotate slowly on the one spot, even when pointing straight down. However, other aspects are spot on, like when the kite accelerates away after a tight turn. All in all, the sophistication of the stunt kite's flight becomes quite addictive! You come back time and again for more frustration ... I mean, fun :-)

There are 5 basic figures to fly, with many additional figures available if you score well enough. Bonus levels in other words. It'll be a while before I get there...

Wild Kite
Wild Kite

You might do better if you're younger and have many hours of experience in flying the real thing! Even then, controlling a sport kite using a mouse has a much different feel than the real thing. No changing line tension, no whistle from the spars and taut fabric slashing through the air.

Anyway, there it is over on the right. Persist, and see if you can make it to those bonus levels. Or even just the second level! Ha ha.. Just click on the picture to play.

Check out this Nexus Stunt Kite on Amazon, if you develop a hankering for the real thing.

Some Minor Gripes

One gripe is the lack of easy levels or modes so the learning curve isn't so steep. The 'speed' setting button on this kite game seemed to make no difference for me. That could be a programming glitch, or some problem with Flash. Also, many players would probably prefer to fly using the arrow keys on the keyboard, instead of the mouse.

Mind you, if you have fiddled with your computer's Mouse settings and made it more sensitive (fast), this will only make the Wild Kite game even wilder! To the point of being nearly impossible perhaps.

I tried lowering the sensitivity of my mouse, but it made the game only slightly easier. Really, you just have to play it many times to train your brain to react correctly to all the visual clues.

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The Dopero is someone's clever idea to combine 2 Roller kites! Double Pearson Roller is where the name comes from. The resulting flat portion of sail in the middle makes this a very efficient design in light wind.

Even more so than the Roller before it, this kite has an attractive aircraft-like appearance in the air. This MBK version also excels in light winds.

If you have made Diamonds before, this kite takes somewhat more time to make. With the help of my instructions, it's still do-able by a beginner.

Get the e-book for making the MBK Dowel Dopero kite. After making your first one in plastic and seeing how it performs, you can try soft Tyvek or rip-stop nylon for your next build.

This Dopero can fly in quite a wide range of wind speeds thanks to the 4-pont bridle. The bridle lines keep the frame more rigid than a 2-point bridle could. Tail(s) are entirely optional, but may be added for looks.

The e-book is a PDF file - which means printable instructions to refer to while you make the kite. It also means convenient off-line access if that suits you better.

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